Adobe Flash + AMD 6850 = Locked GPU Speed

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Hello People,

From my first days of using the AMD 6850 and Windows 7 64bit I've noticed a nagging problem. Ever since Adobe Flash has supported GPU off-loading or rendering, whatever you call it, there has been a problem with flash locking my GPU clock speeds to 300Mhz. Normally my idle GPU clock is 250Mhz and max is 775MHz. However if flash player is active on any browser the GPU goes to 300MHz and stays that way no matter if there is a game playing or not.

I've tried every driver from AMD and installed all the updates for Flash. The only fix that I have found that works is to uncheck "enable hardware acceleration" in the flash settings. I could extract the cards firmware or bios and edit it myself to disable the power saving features and lock in the max speeds, but why should I?

The question I have is, will AMD ever address this problem? I feel that if this was nvidia there would have been a bios update or a new driver to fix the problem. Problems like these should be fix ASAP and not require the user to modify their systems. AMD/ATI or Adobe needs to provide a fix soon or I'll make dam sure the next cards I buy will be Nvidia.

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