Adequate Wattage?

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I'm think about building a system like this:
- i7-3770K (I know it's not out yet, but assume the 77W TDP it's supposed to be rated at)
- High-end motherboard (maybe something like an ASUS P9Z75 if it does come out)
- 8GB of RAM (1600MHz)
- An SSD and a 7200RPM HDD
- Dual 7870 (I know they're not out yet, but maybe assume dual 6870 in terms of power consumption)
- DVD Burner
- Four of five fans (if that matters)

I used the Newegg PSU calculator (yes, I know, it's really basic...)
They gave me 674W. What would be the ideal wattage? 650W? 700W? 750W? Would 600W work?
I don't want to go the absolute minimum because PSUs degrade over time.

Also, in this range, what PSUs would you recommend?
I've been looking at the Corsair TX650M.

Thank you! And if you see any bottlenecks in my list, please let me know :D!

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im using the ocz zt-series 750w fully modular psu

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Depends on how much juice the 7870's pull, won't know that until they release. I'd say at the very least get a good quality 650 watt unit, it wouldn't hurt to get a good 750 watt unit though for overhead and overclocking room.

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It would be good to ensure you have approximately 100-200 extra watts from what is calculated, just to be safe. You just have to consider that when your CPU or GPU(s) are under full load they will of course draw more power. So you could also look at what the max power draw is for those components.

Nice build though mate. I hope you can do it once released etc.

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It's good to have the head room because sometimes some components will need more power. For example, when you decide to overclock, it uses a little more power. Also like what modena said, when your CPU and GPU(s) are under full load they will need that extra power from the power supply. So overall, I recommend you getting a power supply that is about 850 watts just to be 100% sure. But if you need to save the money then your better off getting a power supply around 750 watts. It would do the just as well. :)

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Also, when your looking for a power supply, get one that is a good brand. Brands like Corsair, Silverstone, Antec and others.

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I'd go 100W over recommnded. just to be safe. So in your case, go with a brand name 800W+ PSU.

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