Adding additional RAM to existing RAM

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Hello everyone, Quick question about adding RAM to my PC. I've got 2x Corsair 2GB DDR3 RAM sticks in my custom PC build and want to add another 2x 2GB sticks to make it 8GB total cos i have 2 free RAM slots on my motherboard. Are there any specifics that I must abide to when adding RAM, like type, speed, make or amount? Do I have to stick with the same make of RAM? Do I have to stay with DDR3? Do I have to add two 2GB sticks or can i use one 4GB? Cheers :3

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its the best idea to match the model numbers on the ram so its all the same, some motherboards arent good at managing mixed ram timings and voltages which can cause some instability issues and even RAM failures (from experience)

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Best to use all exact same modules on one board as to ensure best stability and preformance.

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As others have said it is best to match ram but not necessary if you have a tight budget.
Most new boards will regulate the ram very well.
With old boards sometimes the ram modules would "fight" each other and you would have casualties on your hands.

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