Acer GD235HZ - 120hz problem

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Hello Everyone,

I've purchased 3d screen, 120hz - Acer GD 235HZ and I cant setup the screen for 120hz.
Over VGA its 75hz, over hdmi 1.4 60hz, over DVI-D - no signal.

I have i5 3550, nvidia gtx 550 ti and there is no signal information. I'm using windows 8.

Do you know the problem?

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From the manual, 1080p at 100Hz, 110Hz, and 120Hz requires a video card with an appropriate output as well as the DVI-D dual-link cable. A DVI-D single-link cable is limited to 60Hz.

If you need a copy of the manual, you can download it here:

The cable and port you need is the forth on the list below:

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