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Hi this is vijay i am already running GTX 580 in sli. Its good to wait for the PCI 3.0 cards from nvidia or to go for a quad sli configuration

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I'm pretty sure you have more than enough power for any game unless you use multiple monitors. But if I had to pick between your given options, quad sli would be better than pci-e 3.0 cards alone.

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I'm gonna have to agree..I don't see any game out at the moment that you'd possibly have any issues with GTX 580's in SLI.

You have to stop and think, at a certain point you begin to get HUGE diminishing returns on the price:performance ratio of the components you're putting into your system. You already have pretty much the best GPU setup, anything more would for lack of better sense..be a waste of cash.

So in my opinion, save your money and just wait for new technology to come out. I don't possibly see the need of any more GPU power unless you're running at an insanely huge resolution.

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I agree, dual 580's is still overkill for most games, but good to have for some demanding ones and/or higher resolutions/multi-display setups.

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