80 plus power supplies.

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Hey All first let me say happy turkey day. Hope everyone has a nice day with family My question is about 80 plus power supplies. Understandably, an 80 plus SILVER is more efficient in essence than a BRONZE. I found a really nice deal on a bronze 1000w around $100 I'm just wondering what everyone else has used and long term how substantial the difference in power reduction would be between BRONZE and SILVER. Thanks all.

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You are looking more at power efficiencies on the internal components when you see the Bronze, Silver, and Gold ratings. Better efficiencies equal less power wasted as heat, beneficial on the back end (less power needed to run it) but more related to overall coolness of the PC rig and for the life of the PSU (cool units just last longer).

As far as input draw, you need to look at the electrical ratings for each power supply, and make your choice there, as a 1000W Bronze with a 14A input will actually use less power than a 1000W Silver drawing 15A, and therefore cost you less to run in the future.

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