5870 problem, no display!

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Okay so i bought a new HIS 5870 from overclockers.co.uk yesterday and since then i have had nothing but problems. The card won't post or it seems for a start even if i change power connectors for the molex to 6 pins... still no go. The card starts up and the fan hits max speed and thats all it does... the fan just stays on max speed with no display output whatsoever!

I have updated my BIOS to the newest 2201 for my motherboard Asus M4A785T-M micro ATX board. The only thing i havent tried yet is to use a different PSU and motherboard but since i dont have access to spares i can't do this.

When i connect up the 5870 and power it up again the fan hits max speed and stays at max speed. I used my basic VGA with the 5870 still installed in the pci-e x16 slot and navigated to the device manager to try and see if it has detected the card but it detects nothing apart from the onboard VGA (ATi 4200).

I took the card back to try and get a refund but they tested the card and found it to be "fine and working" so i've dropped the card off at another local IT store for testing and awaitin results now.

Could this be a PSU problem or motherboard? I know there were issues with the motherboard but i've updated my BIOS so i can cancel that out.

I had a 5670 graphics card in there before and it works fine.. even works fine now after reinstalling it so can i rule out the fact that its my pci-e x16 thats the problem?

I did have my rig running at overclocked speeds of 3.8ghz and after i took out the 5870 because it wouldn't post i got a Overclock failure when my pc did post! Which points me even more to the fact that it could be my psu...

Spec of my rig:

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE @3.2

Motherboard: Asus M4A785T-M (latest bios updated)

PSU: Corsair HX650UK modular

Memory: 8gb of Crucial DDR3 dual channel Ram @1333mhz

1 x 1TB HDD

1 x CD/DVD rewriteable

1 x 200mm fan and 1 x 120mm fan

I'll be very grateful for anyone who can provide me with any help or advice right about now because i feel as though i've just thrown £300 in the bin...

P.s i noticed it does post sometimes but i have no display. What i can hear is the windows log in sound but no display whatsoever.

Anyone able to help me out with this?

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try returning your CPU clock to defaults and see what happens.
650 watts should be enough to push that

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Check in the BIOS if the primary video output is set to PCI-E..

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Checked and checked, the cpu clock was default when i did this anyway so it doesn't matter.

I made progress though, i managed to power up my 5870 with the molex to 6 pin adapters provided with the 5870 and it powers up. But as soon as i reboot, i lose signal again but the computer is still posting and i know this because i can hear the windows sound, i just get no display and graphics fan hits max speed.

If i turn off my psu and pull the power cord from it leave it for 5 mins then turn it back on, it will work and i will get display and everything.

Could it be a memory problem or psu problem?

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I hate to be the one pointing fingers at the logic.. "Okay so i bought a new HIS 5870 from overclockers.co.uk". Tell me what is wrong with this picture? Ahh.. from overclockers and can you guess what they did with the card? Ahh.. overclock it! Once they had problems they sold it off to get something new. lol

The sad bit is you can send a card to someone and they plug it in and everything is fine. They shut it down and send it back to you with reports of it being ok. But it could be damaged and after it runs hot for a while the micro breaks in the copper open up and the card locks up.

Something to note.. PCI Express 2.0 motherboard, PCI Express 2.1 video card?

The only way to know if it's the motherboard or the PSU is to swap them out.


02. Fix the issue that ATI HD5850/5870 graphic card may be unable to be detected.

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Hi Tiv, the graphics cards care not overclocked they are factory sealed and sold as they are. I have given the card to 2 other companies to test and they all say the card is fine, i even have the card running now but as soon as i reboot the card doesn't get picked up and the fan just hits max speed.

I have latest update already aswel. PCI express 2.1 is backward compatible.