5850 vs 5870 better bang for buck

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Hey guys,

Looking to purchase one of the above. Looking through reviews & ya the 5870 beats 5850 stock, but the 5850 can o/c much higher than 5870

But wanted to get some more opinion on what you would think would be the best one to go for. I'm currently got GTX 285, but finding it starting to struggle against the latest games, such as BC2. Cod world at war multi is also starting to lag a little in fps when playing on the bigger servers 40+ peeps..


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Neither of those games needs more than 285. Lag is not related to graphics-that is your Internet or the server.

A 5850 would be a good upgrade but It gonna cost you $225 for gaining 10-20% performance so I'd wait a while for price to really bottom out before jumping on the bandwagon. I know it is hard to resist the upgrade fever sometimes but try your best!

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