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I've been wanting to upgrade from my Logitech X350 to a full size 5.1 system (receiver, bookshelf speakers, center channel, etc.) but I've always had a concern about being to close to the speakers. Does distance away from the speakers matter as far as sound quality? I know if one speaker is closer than the others that could cause problems, but I'm concerned with all the speakers being the same distance away from me and being to close. Although, the area I have is in my bedroom (10'x10'), I only have a 5'x5' space to work with. If it's practical to have a full size 5.1 system in such a small space, does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy? The Logitech is doing a good job for what it's worth, but I feel it could be better. I listen to a bit of music, mostly Dubstep (so the bigger the subwoofer the better). Also, I want a 5.1 system for playing games and watching movies. Thanks in advance!

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Yeah i have this logitech system too and i know sometimes it simply lack power... i already consider the z906 from logitech (500w RMS total power comparing to the x530 70w RMS) but for me it was the cost that simply push this choice on the side...


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Alternatively, you can look at HTIB (Home Theater In a Box) products that can take the digital 5.1 from your sound card and supply you with higher-grade amplification and bigger speakers. Polk makes a nice kit for around $250 (US) that can make a great audio match to a PC.

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