4870 Crossfire Question

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Okay so I had a HD 4870 and ran 3dmark
Then i got a second 4870 and crossfired and I recieved a worse score than I did with just the one 4870.

Both cards are clocked to 790/975

Q8400 core 2 quad
Asus rampage Extreme MB
4 Gb's of ddr3 1600

Tempatures 43c and 50c on idle.

Teampatures under full load are 52C and 60C.

In other games like mw2 and BFBC2 beta i can see a small difference in frame rates but from what ive read i should see a better result than what im getting

Avarage fps 1 card is 40-45
Avarage fps 2 cards 55-60

CPU temp is 29-31c on idle and 37-40c under load

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hmm-Check for latest Catal's+sli drivers etc?

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i have CCC 10.1 which is the lastest

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try checking the ASUS forums for BIOS settings.

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