480 GTX & 480 GTX Sli Questions

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Hi Guys im new to the forums but have been watching 3dGameMan's videos for a little while so thought id sign up =) anyways ive got a couple of quick questions here in the UK the 480's are now going for about £200/$327 which is alot cheaper then when they first arrived anyways, im interested in SLi'ing these two cards however im wondering if i buy one card now and one when i get paid about 3 weeks away is one 480GTX going to be good enough to play most modern games (bar metro 2033) at 1920x1080 on high if not highest settings with 2xaa/4xaa or will it struggle? would it struggle on Crysis 2? And when i SLi the cards how much more performance would i see? Or am i simply better buying a 580 which i probably wouldnt SLi because of the Price
Any Help is appreciated =)

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You're much better off with just a single GTX 580. I wouldn't invest in the 480s at this point, last-gen, power-hungry, ran too hot.

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Razear wrote:You're much better off with just a single GTX 580. I wouldn't invest in the 480s at this point, last-gen, power-hungry, ran too hot.

Im not so much worried about the heat and power as my case/cooling can take care of that and my psu is 1200w so thats not a problem on the power front. its just because the 580 here is about £400 which is $654 compared to the 480gtx's £200/$327 which is half the price and i could sli the both of them as well as OC them where as the 580gtx ill be stuck with just one for a fairly long time, but i like to max out settings and have at least 2xaa/4xaa (not metro)

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I have a GTX 470 and I can run crysis (original) at highest with 8xaa in 1920x1080 at around 15-20fps on dx10 (I think it's called extreme), so I'm sure a 480 can handle it let alone a GTX 580. Never tried crysis 2 but I'm sure it's more of the same if not easier to run (due to console ports or w/e). Get the 580 it's more then capable of running anything on the market at the moment and you'll thank yourself in the long run for not being stuck with last gen hardware since everything's moving so fast (new card every 3-6 months). As long as you don't have any bottlenecks like too little ram or cpu.

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actually SLI scales worst than a single card so you want get x2 performance. if you SLI the card they will use more power, more power means higher cost/month in electricity. but the price of the 580 is double. so it would be stupid to buy that one. maybe you need to look at other Nvidia cards or to AMD (ATI) card and compaire them in price/preformance and total watt usage.
mine opinion i think he best thing you can do now is wait till the 28nm GPU's comes out of TSMC. so we won't have ovens any more. and it will probably give a performance increase. there are roamers that it will come out end this year to bad it is still long. but crysis 2 has probably got lower specs than crysis warhead. especially at mainstream setting.

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Uhm no, newest is always better and like razer said, not power efficient and runs too hot, doesn't matter if you have 10 pieces of 3000rpm fans, it still won't handle it. Nvidia fcked up on that 4xx gtx series. just go with 5xx, if you're short on money try gtx 570 palit, its cheap and there's a platinum and sonic platinum version of it with only a 15-20 dollars difference.

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Its easier and better to go for a gtx580 ! because or the fact the gtx 480 run rather hot and has alot of power drain from the power supply. Also when you start adding cards into and crossfire / sli state the performance starts to drop. But one up shot to the 480 .. its capable of 4 way sli but like i just explained the performance drops ... hope this helped !