3570k vs 3770k

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I am planning to upgrade my computer to one of Intel's New Ivy Bridge Processors. I plan on using my computer for gaming and video/photo editing. I am going to be playing games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim and all that other good stuff. I will also being utilizing programs like Photoshop and Sony Vegas for editing. Is it worth the extra dollars for the 3770k? Does the hyper-threading make that much of a difference? So overall, my question is, The 3570k or the 3770k for often gaming and fortnightly editing?

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Hyperthreading does make a difference, but it really depends on what you are doing. Despite the chatter, a hyperthreading virtual core is NOT the same as a real core, but it is good at making the CPU work to it's fullest by tasking out idle command slots as a second set of CPU cores.

For gaming, don't bother, as hyperthreading can actually slightly slow down the core-to-core comparison. If you are rendering videos or other high-calculation work, then it is more likely to be useful. Of course, then my CPU recommendation might change, too...

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For editing it will change a lot (i'd say maybe 25-50% faster... the 4 HT core will do like 1 or 2 real core + the 4 real) but for gaming, i don't think you'll see any difference...

PS: if you editing in night like me go for the i5 to save money (the render time will not affect you too much)
but you want more ram to edit faster and a really fast HDD (or a SSD) you could buy a faster videocard instead with the cash saved from the CPU and (depending on the editing program) that will help you to have faster render time and will really please you in game...

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If hypertheading is not too important to you go for the 3570k

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If you're just using the PC for Gaming, Music, Movies, Facebook etc. etc. etc. then the i5 3570K will be more than enough for that. 3770K for the e-peen.