$3000 Gaming Rig Help

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First of all I would like to apologize for I do not know if im on the right section.

I've saving up for almost 6 months to have my dream rig.
Right now, I have a case: Corsair 800D
a powersupply: 1000w Kingwin 80%+ Bronze Efficient
I got these two on sale. I got them for 250 bucks.
So I need help to finish this build. Right now I'm aiming for air cooling
but I have some specs that I want to get:
GTX 590 / Ati 6990
3 24" Monitors( Doesnt matter if LCD/LED)
Intel Core I7 990x (For sure I will get this one)
not sure about the motherboard.
so basically thats it, My budget would be $3000 including tax in canadian dollars
I need your suggestions and advice to make this rig at its best with that limitation in budget.

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Well, let's suppose you were going for a red and black theme color wise. Here are some great parts for your build.

The parts your definitly getting or have
Power supply and case- $250

cpu- I7 990x $1,099.98

here's the parts you haven;t yet chosen

Motherboard- EVGA X58 Classified 3 EATX LGA1366 $400.88

RAM- Corsair Dominator GT 12GB 3x4gb $300

I still think you have to get two Nvidia graphics cards to do their equivalent of eyefinity(i'm not certain) so you could go with a HD6990, unless you'd prefer the GTX590
Graphics card- HD 6990 $749.99

Since you're getting an i7 990x, you're going to need something good to cool it.
Either of these would be good for the job since you don;t want a custom watercooling system.
CPU Cooler- Corsair H70 $99.99
Noctua NH-D14 $89.99

Hard drives- Caviar Black 1Tb HDD SATA 3 6.0gb/s $93.98

or an SSD of your choosing

All together this comes out to about $2997.94 CAD

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thanks for giving me an idea :)

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if you can wait till summer you might be able to buy intels next gen Enthusiast system powerd by SB (core i7 dunno rest) 8 core 16T or an AMD buldozer FX(maybe the fx power times are back) cpu. it will defenetly be better than the i7 990X. and if you have time to wait than wait thil the die shrink for the gpus to 28 nm because it will increase the performance/ watt significant and will make it faster. it might have pcie 3 suport.

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wow 3000 dollar rig ^_^ rich guy here!!!!i wish i have that much money lol

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Not to be a nit-picker, but shouldn't this be in Hardware?

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I think that you should spend more on the motherboard...use the gigabyte G1.Assasin it's the best for use a 990x.... Then choose Amd 6990... I don't know how much it will be but the MoBo is the most important component...;) good luck

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