3 monitors? gtx 470

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just curious if this is possible... i have the nvidia gtx470 with the 2 DVI outputs on the back of the card.. ok im using both right now for a duel monitor setup. however im sick of clients pointing to stuff on my main screen using a pen! so what im thinking is buying a small tv like 22"-32" (since i wanted one always) and putting it on the wall closer to where they would sit and run tv cable and the hdmi cable into the tv, since i see a mini hdmi output on the back of the gtx 470.

soooo can i watch tv.. and when a client comes in and needs to go over designs with me.. i can quickly hit the remote to the tv from cable to the hdmi input and the client can watch the clone of my first monitor?

so in case i didnt make sense... i use 2 monitors using up both DVI slots and i want to make a clone of the main monitor and use the mini hdmi slot on the back to run to the tv on the wall.

or should i find out if there is such a thing like a dvi splitter that splits into a dvi (for the 1st monitor) and a vga (for the tv since most new tvs have vga inputs on the back)

so if anyone has tried this on something similar like the gtx 470 or maybe the 480 or i guess any other card that has 3 outputs on the back, if they could let me know


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Easily possible-
Find a box that takes DVI and then outputs both hdmi and DVI. Usually they are like $20.

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