2nd PC Build, Help please :) ? ~ $1500

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Hey guys,

Going on to my 2nd build. 5 years since this forum got my first one on the spot.
I only spent a few hours researching this build, but any suggestions for price/performance would be nice.
Im trying to keep it in and around $1,500.00 or under if possible.

Used for 90% gaming, and keep a shitton of stuff running in the background :) IE lots of internet tabs, steam etc.

Any suggestions are welcome!
I know if i swap the PSU and CPU for something a level under, ill save a bundle. And the mobo as well. Figuring about 300 dollars right there. Pretty set on the z77's from asus

CPU: i7 3770k, ~$329.99 (i5 3550k ~$229 maybe?)

MOBO: Asus p8z77 PRO $199 ~ same price right now as p8z77-v atx from asus

Ram: 16 GB 2x8 ddr3 1600 ~$99 or 4x4gb?????

GPU: evga 670 ftw $379

PSU: corsair ax850 gold 850w modular ~$200

SSD: mushkin chronos deluxe 240GB ~$200 (any other suggestions? looking for enough capacity for my fav games + os)

HDD: caviar black WD 1tb $99

Case: Haf 922 XM $100

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CPU: overkill. The i5 would be more than enough, though you could drop the price even more by going for an AMD chip.

Motherboard: slight overkill. You could go for something cheaper (and amd-er) and still get good performance. Just be sure that it supports the ram and chip you plan on using.

RAM: 16gb is way more than you'll ever need for what you do. However (and this is valid for any build) having extra ram for running a local server (Minecraft, for example) or a virtual machine is alway nice, so I would stick with it. I would advise you to get 2x8gb though, as you would still have two slots free.

GPU: nice...

PSU: overkill for this configuration. I have a corsair gs700 (half the price) and it does just fine for a built that eats much more power. Having the 850w would allow you to upgrade to a Crossfire/SLI later-on though.

SSD: nice... (I prefer the samsung SSDs though. Check their latest generation). Before installing an SSD remember to read about it online and prep for it (configure the disk in AHCI and other stuff).

HHD: very good drive, but very noisy. I would not recommend running your OS from it.

Case: sure.

Cooling?: you might want to get an aftermarket CPU cooler.