24 GB of Ram?

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Hey Peeeps,

I have been tossing the idea of upgrading from 12GB of ram to 24 GB of ram.

Currenly I have 6 sticks of Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1600 Green Tracer Ram totalling 12GB, I wanted to max out the board.

I do nothing but gaming on my current machine and run X64 Windows 7 w/3 GTX 470's in Tri SLI w/a I7-920 @ 3.2 GHZ. Anyone go from 12 to 24 and see any real performance jumps?

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Dude, 12GB of RAM and you're just gaming, that's already overkill. Unless you are doing really RAM intensive tasks, you will see no preformance increase for games alone.

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Yeah that is what i figured, im one of these guys who looks at a motherboard with empty slots and goes hummm what can i stick in there just because i can LOL.

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Games don't even use 4gb, I don't see why 24 gb would be of any benefit.

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lol it could be a benefit if you make a ramdiks of 14gb on these sticks so you could copy the game on that.
than you can load maps super fast but you must set it back onto the hdd( or ssd) to save it for real. because if you turn your pc of your ram disk will be formatted

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My buddy has tempted my to make a ram disk and load the o/s just to see the benchmarks....

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The OS on a RAMdisk? Would be blazing fast, but is it possible to boot from that? You should somehow load the OS onto the RAMdisk at boot, is that possible?

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Something you might be interested in this:

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