20" 1600x900 vs 22" 1920x1080 monitor

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which should i choose...I'll be using it for watching movie,,play some rts/rpg game most of the time with mid range graphic card..thank u

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How much of a price difference are you looking at between the monitors?

I'd suggest the higher reso (1920X1080). I got a large monitor and I have not looked back. Also, what kind of video card (or system spec) do you have?

 To really be honest, if it isn't a big price difference and you can fit it, get the bigger monitor.

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Well for watching movies I'd get the 1080p monitor but for gaming probably the 20" display since y ou have a mid-range card.

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Hmm I would go with the larger monitor since movies will look great on it and if you really need to turn down the res for games then you can.

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the size of the monitor doesn't make a performance difference but the resolution does so if your card can handel than go for a 1080p screen the " doesn't make difference in the fps

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If you magically have an HDTV around, you could simply use that for 1080 movies on top of having a monitor for yourself for gaming.

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