1080p monitor to 720p TV with HDMI

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I'm new to PCs (always been a mac user) and I'm in the process of building a nice one for gaming. I purchased an awesome 1080p 24" monitor along with a very nice video card (GTX 670) and I planned on playing my games (mainly Skyrim) on ultra high quality with tons of HD texture mods enabled- on my 32 inch TV w/ an HDMI connector. But I just found out that my TV is only only 720p. I'd never used it that much before but always assumed it was 1080p. Will there be a problem if I try to connect my HDMI from my monitor to my TV? Will it look crappy on my TV?


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This topic is relating to hardware and hardware uses, and has been moved to this forum. Please read "sticky" posts, as you are a new user and this will give you an idea of how and where to post.

As far as 720p, you already know the quality you get watching HD television programming, so this quality will transfer to your video gaming performance. Compared to the 24" screen producing 1080p, 720p on a 32" screen will be rougher, but given the size of the screen this may be softened by the fact that you likely will be sitting back farther from it.

My advice would be to make sure you are using the best anti-aliasing (AA) mode when playing games like Skyrim, and this will somewhat smooth out the larger pixels and give you a reasonably good display. Use your nVidia driver control panel to set the HDMI port to 720p output manually if it doesn't properly detect the TV.

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