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Yeah, that will fit, no problem at all ;)

To build it, you need some knowledge and trick but check the net, everything is easy, just take your time and ask questions if you are stuck somewhere...

To connect, simply plug the 24 pin in the 24 pin, the 4+4 in the 8 pin and sata, usb and Case power/reset etc, everything is clearly indicate in the mobo manual so read it carefully and you should be ok...

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Your PSU should be fine for that motherboard.

The 20+4 pin connector is what you would use to plug into the 24pin slot in your motherboard. The 4+4 pin would go into the 8 pin etc.

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yes, it will work.

The reason it say "20+4" and "4+4" is because the PSU uses different cables to connect to supply power to many different motherboards.

Some older motherboards only use 20 pins, so your PSU is capable of powering those too. It has the +4 for boards like the one you are asking about, so it can power both kinds. Same thing with the 4+4.

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Yes it will work just fine as it is a standard ATX Power Supply.