What do YOU use to control racing games on your pc?

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What do YOU use to control racing games on your pc?

I am finishing my custom built computer soon, and I was wondering if it was worth buying a steering wheel or a controller pad with an analogue stick, as I find controlling a car with a keyboard a little awkward. I haven't had a great deal of experience with this though.

I have no problem playing games in any other genre in fact I prefer using a keyboard with FPS, RTS and RPG games.

Do you get used to playing with a racing game with keyboard? I think its a bit like gaming with a D-pad, and that is not very good for racing games I find. So, what's your opinion?

Also, what racing wheels do you recommend? And im not looking for a £300 pro wheel with a million buttons and gear stick and all that jazz, just something basic but good, under £50 if that's possible.

Im new to this forum so im sure iv broken a plethora of rules and I apologies before hand :P

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Check out the Logitech G27.

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i use.... WSAD... 

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Keyboard, but it doesn't really work well for Racing Games in PC. I'd rather play Initial D3 Racing Game. You can use the handle to drive accurately! It's very fun to play against your friends and/or rival!

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Try Logitech DFGT very good wheel for a start

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Logitech G25 but on a budget go with a DFGT.

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I use just my G15 Keyboard, but then again I have been trained on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas almost since it came out for PC.

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I would definitely invest in at the very least an xbox360 controller to hook up to your PC.  I used to use my 360 controller for Grid/Dirt 2/ NFS Shift but recently just spent like 80$ on the microsoft racing wheel. Definitely a good purchase for that price, but I just can't see my self spending hundreds of dollars on a wheel.


But yeah, definitely get something with an analog stick, I don't know how anyone uses a keyboard for racing games.

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Definitly, Xbox360 controller ftw. Though a steering wheel might be better, a xbox360 controller is still lightyears ahead of the keyboard when playing race games and for a cheap price it can't be beaten. Also a steering wheel is such a hassle to set up and really if you don't play that much race games a controller might be better.

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i use a keyboard right now but i would like to use a steering wheel with a clutch pedal and 6 speed H shifter for Test Drive Unlimited.
if i didnt have the need for a shifter then i would most likely use a console controller or something

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I use a XBOX360 controller.

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I have a Thrustmaster F430 and absolutely love it. The diameter is a little small, but the force feedback is outstanding!

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I use the arrow keys, Q for clutch, A- Shift up and Z - Shift down.

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My Wireless XBox360Controller

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my Xbox360 controller works just perfectly <3

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I use a keyboard and mouse have done for a long time; Yes I'ved had joystick/wheel/ and all that stuff but always go back to my keyboard and mouse but thats me. If anyone wants a game my gaming name is { Futuo } I play for a clan called =G4L= the tag means Gamers 4 Life :-)http://www.gamers-4-life.com we are a small group of girls and boys most are over 25 years old we have a few around 18 yrs old and 2 are 16/17 and one is very old he's the old trooper of the team, and we play for fun and a good old fashion chin-wag around the campfire.

I'm not around at the moment as I have some work to do but I will be back on soon, so if you want to pop by just say you meet me here my name is John and I'm from planet earth :-) and I live by the sea with my wife and 4 children 3 boys 1 girl and the dogs. /

The G15 by Logitech is one of the best I think great keyboard/ I buy all my stuff from http://www.roccat.org/ I have the mouse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRzLJ4-YA74 and keyboard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXYKj0ZzE-0 and headphones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEyXafzsrB0 and I play all games..BFBC2/BF2/CS/DOD/BlackOpps/FCry/Quake/SOF1/SOF2 and many more but I love SOF1 it's fast and a fun game when you want to let off stream:-)but I'm trying out BlackOpp's it's cool.

I have a live chat room for family and friends who like to chat with each other this is my desktop and is not to do with =G4L=Clan it's a place that family and friends come to see if I'm on, I have one rule and thats respect each other and no pejorative language.This is the link if you want to pop by and say hello all are welcome]


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I have one of these cards in one of my gaming rigs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiqDt1dfhn8 and I have to say it plays all games and is DirectX 11 native and the cost is fantastic
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Xbox360 controller is for the win. Can be used for anything where a keyboard is subpar.

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