What is the best Gaming Laptop

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The best for around $1000 and overall.
Specs, Battery life and portability.

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The best you can get for that budget would be the ASUS N61.

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Asus G51JX-X3-15-6-Inch-Gaming- i5, 500gb, 4gb DDR3, GTS 360, 7.8 lbs, 1080p $1100

Asus Refurbished-G73JH
i7, 500gb, 6gb DDR3, 17 inch display, ATI 5870 Refurbished $1100 8lbs 1600 x 900

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A desktop is the best laptop.

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If you want a good laptop, reasonable specs. Very portable.

Alienware M11x is a good choice. i guess

Alienware have fail costumer service imo

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Yeah, thats my only gripe with Alienware. They are like the PC's apple... but Asus, man! The new G53jh is coming out and its got awesome specs. i7, 6 - 16gb of upgradable DDR. You can fit up to 3 harddrives! Awesome look, average heat for laptop 80c's and most importantly... a GTX 460 1.5 vga... starting at $1499

Seriously... wtf

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Some of the top notch notebooks that I would consider are:
ACER FERRARI and Alienware notebooks.

They are SUPER HOT!

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Agreed, the Asus laptops are the best bang for the buck. There are several w/ the GTX 360M that would allow you to play any game on high settings for years to come.

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HP Envy is quite a beast, and has a nice body to it.

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