Really enjoying Neverwinter

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Currently in Open Beta.

So far having a hoot with this game. PvP is a little more regimented than I am used to, but on the whole I'll give it an 8. The ability for gamers to create their own quests that the rest of the gaming community can play is a real plus.

Missing a few of the features that kept me playing Rohan: Blood Feud for 3 years straight, but it does seem to be a really engaging game. I find myself looking forward to getting in game and relieving some of my workday stress on unsuspecting mobs (and players - mwahahaha!)

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I got an invite, too, but of course MY SCHEDULE IS SUDDENLY JAM PACKED both on the photography business and on the PC consulting.

Uh, maybe if I get some free time. But right now my rare gaming hours are multiplayer Diablo III with my wife.

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