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What do YOU use to control racing games on your pc?

I am finishing my custom built computer soon, and I was wondering if it was worth buying a steering wheel or a controller pad with an analogue stick, as I find controlling a car with a keyboard a little awkward. I haven't had a great deal of experience with this though.

I have no problem playing games in any other genre in fact I prefer using a keyboard with FPS, RTS and RPG games.

Do you get used to playing with a racing game with keyboard? I think its a bit like gaming with a D-pad, and that is not very good for racing games I find. So, what's your opinion?

Also, what racing wheels do you recommend? And im not looking for a £300 pro wheel with a million buttons and gear stick and all that jazz, just something basic but good, under £50 if that's possible.

Im new to this forum so im sure iv broken a plethora of rules and I apologies before hand :P