pin to top for games?

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*i found DeskPins which enables you to pin programs to top and i will be testing this Theory when i can ^^*
Wish Me Luck :D

is there a program/hack/mod that can make it so ANY game you choose will stay in full screen
but still give you the ability to use other monitors?

i was thinking about something like a program that pins the game to top?

im betting its not possible but worth it to ask.

also does anyone know why they make it so game minimize when in full screen? one game iknow that does NOT do
this at all is Fiesta(made by OutSpark/Gamingo) but its a MMO(i dont play many other MMOs) so could that be why?

i guess a FPS would be annoying if you could EASILY move the mouse out of screen(i had that bug for a while actualy.....YES it was annoying) but if it was pinned to top you could *windows key* to un-focus and then move

thanks and feel free to post any input on this subject(weather or not you think this will work)