PC Games of 2011

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Once my rig is built, these are the games I want!

  • Battlefield 3
  • Modern Warfare 3
  • L.A Noire

What do you think about Steam?

What games do you want this year?

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I get a large portion my games via Steam. If you watch, you can get some great deals.

A lot of people are concerned about not having hard copies, but it in all honesty it is nice that I can build a new rig and just download ALL of my games, and in a lot of cases the save files are copied online too. If you are smart with your password and account security, you are good.

I'm waiting for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Looks amazing. And probably the upcoming Deus Ex title, as those always hit me as good stories with a game wrapped around them.

Diablo III is supposedly coming out on New Years Eve, but I don't ever believe Blizzard's release date info because it changes every 5 minutes. Yes, I'm a Diablo freak. I alpha tested the original. Yes, I'm old.

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Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is on my list of games. L.A Noire is a good game, but platform limited.

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RAGE ...

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Few i know that are coming, dunno how many are not on my radar
- rFactor 2
- Arma 3
- Red Orchestra: HoS
- HL3 / Half-Life 2: Episode Three
- StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
- PayDay: The Heist
- Metal Gear Solid: Rising
- Hawken

Some titles without date:
-Hitman 5
-Black 2
-MDK 3

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-Metro Last Light

The 3 major games I'm looking forward to.

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-Space Marine
-Batman: Arkham City

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-Metro Last Light

and indeed Steam is awesome cause if you install your games and the steam app on a separate hard drive like me (500gb just for them) when you reformat your computer all you have to do is install the steam app over the one already on the game drive and once you login it'll scan and your games will be right there without having to re-download a thing. Just make sure you backup the save files for the games that save on your computer instead of online.

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good read

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So I wouldnt bother with MW3, I personally cant stand it anymore, I was fine for a month then realized its boring and too easy and make the mistake of im not playing Xbox with it so its Far too easy on pc. BF3 would be your best bet, but make sure your graphic card bios/drivers are updated so you have no artifacting problems like others have had till they did so.

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Steams great, That's why I'm looking forward to Borderlands 2 even more this year.They are implementing steam friends rather than using gamespy again (such a good choice IMO) Also CS:GO Is on the top of my list to get, with Ghost Recon close behind.