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hi all,,im very new to this site and would like to introduce myself,,my name is nathan and been gaming for somtime now on loads of diff systems going back to the amd 1700,,intel p4,,,now i have moved up to a i7 i am looking for a really good card for the latest games,,bad company,,blacks opps...my friends are telling me to get the new 6870 ati card coz its cheap,, but after seeing my friends system which is the same as mine but with a 5870 in it which to me looked insane i am really unsure what to do,,,please any advice on a top end card would be nice money isnt a option but i would like to stay with ati,,thx all fot taking time to read my comment

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Well since the only game you mentioned is bad company 2, here's a graph of that game:

As you can see the 6870 loses to the 5870 by quite a bit. This trend is quite consistent across all games, sometimes the gap is smaller and sometimes it is larger. The important thing to note here is the price.
The 6870 is $240 (about)
The 5870 is $320 (about)

The real question is not which is better (the 5870 across the board) but do you prefer the cooler and cheaper 6870. The 6870 can run any game the 5870 can (at 1920x1200) but costs $80 less and runs cooler and quieter (IIRC).

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GTX 460 1GB is not a bad card at all, but since your more into the AMD camp, 5770 or 5830 are not bad either! Hope that helps man!

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