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Today, I've downloaded a 900MB game called Nexuiz to play in Kubuntu 12.04 using fglrx driver (AMD Radeon HD 7660D built-in to AMD A10-5700K) as I am having trouble with open source radeon driver when it comes to playing SNES-emulated games in ZSNES or snes9x-gtk and disappearance of mouse pointer when not moving, so once I got fglrx working, I played games with snes9x (Star Ocean with an English translation) and I'm getting smooth frame rates, so I wanted to see how my 7660D can do with Nexuiz. While I don't know the current frames per second, all I can tell you that at 1920x1080, I get smooth frame rates at high quality setting.

So I went into tutorial mode and I found that there's no key mapping setting for turning left and right using arrow keys as WSAD and mouse movements felt awkward for my hands and when I moved into a one-in-one deathmatch, I've had trouble aiming my mouse at the shooter and not quick enough to shoot. That is, I don't care to play multiplayer first-person shooter games as they will always "pwn" me for not being good at using a keyboard and mouse for moving around quickly while shooting, so I'm off to uninstall it. I'd rather be in single player mode and have fun playing FPS using just a keyboard like I could in Quake II (a very old game) which allows me to use left and right arrow keys for turning and up and down for walking or running.

Anyway, have anyone tried out Nexuiz in Ubuntu-based distributions? To try them out, look for Nexuiz in package manager of your choice (Ubuntu Software Center for Ubuntu, Muon Software Center for Kubuntu, Synaptic Package Manager for other *buntu distros).

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