New SFF build

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I am trying to build a new SFF gaming rig.

Shuttle SX58J3

Corsair XMS3 Ram 8gb 4 dimm

i7 930

Now I am just debating on a video card...was thinking a 5870 but which one...I preferably want a 5870 that blows air out the back since im using a SFF..

Does anyone have any recommendation on cards and info on the sx58j3?


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5870 is nice, but will it fit? you should check the measurements first.

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now that i look at the shuttle it looks like there might be enough room for a 5870 right beside the 3.5" cage underneath the 5.25". its going to be a scary close fit if it does.
the XFX models have great warranty but only the eyefinity 6 model has a reference cooler, diamond is the only manufacturer of a regular 5870 that has a reference cooler