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I am currently using a Razer Deathadder Black Edition at 1000 Polling Rate, 450 DPI, 6/11 Window sensitivity, and 1.4 sensitivity on CS1.6. With all that, you know that I'm an extremely low sensitivity player, and I currently own a steelseries QcK+, which is the XL version, the thinner version of the heavy.

It takes me more than one swipe across the whole length of the mouse pad to spin a 360, so my mouse cord is constantly flying left and right.

At the moment, my case is under the desk, and the cable is between the wall and the desk, so the cord has a tendency to want to drop down, which makes it hard to move my mouse because the cord is half stuck in between the wall and table.

I'm almost done building my new computer, which will be placed on top of my desk.

The monitor I have is relatively low, so I can't really have a mouse cable management system that is high up in the air, or else the cable will keep hitting my monitor ( my monitor is an inch off the table ).

*THE REAL QUESTION* What cable management system for my mouse would you recommend that will allow at least 1 feet of mouse movement, that is relatively low, and will improve my gaming experience at a reasonable cost?


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Yea, I had a similar issue with my mouse and headphone cables. At first I was using pieces of duct tape to hold the wires in place but that wasnt working very well in the long run.

I dedided to make little velcro loops that are secured to the table with screws. It works good and cost almost nothing. If you have some extra velcro loops that came with your PSU you dont even need to buy velcro. I also put in a small metal hook to hang my headset from.

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i just made my own outta of a paper weight and rubber band and tape lol and it's been working for the past two years .

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Velcro has always been my way to do it.

Though, I've decided on the last couple mice to just bite the bullet and spend money on higher-end wireless mice. The catch is that cheaper mice induce delay, so there is a lot of research to find the mouse that will make you happy with it's play style.

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Wow, I'm always amazed about the computer accessories I don't know about. Its like people have thought about everything.

I just checked out the Roccat Apuri and its really nice. But, I don't think I would buy something like that unless I have the cash to splurge.

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I would prefer the Razer Bungee

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i just use a paper weight and a rubberband tied to my mouse cable and i have it taped down to my desk it's been working fine for me for the past 4 years ,but i would like to try out a real cable management product in the near future .