MineCraft Server - Looking for new players! 80 slots Server

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Started playing Minecraft again about 4 or 5 days ago and joined a server, the one I joined I enjoyed building on but its still getting on its feet, it might have 80 slots but as of right now theres only about 5 to 10 players playing on it, so I wanted to help them oust and spread the word about this minecraft server, sense he's paying a good amount of money, heres the basic info below.

MongolianCraft [bukkit] [4gb] [faction] [cracked] [/register] [99% up time] [portals]

MongolianCraft is 1.2.5 and running craftbukkit. We have 4096mb of memory and a 80 player max limit. The plugins we have are: MCMMO iConomy PEX KITPlugin Factions CreativeGates CommandBin
Colors and we will be changing chestshop to showcase as soon as it is updated. We have a simple spawn with a shop and portals that will take you too different biomes. We are looking for staff members and helpers. I hope you enjoy your stay! :D



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Sounds good, I will check it out now.