Minecraft? any of you guys played it?

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o hey guys

i just would like to know have you guys played minecraft yet, what is it ?



""Minecraft has two variants, Alpha and Classic, both with single-player and multiplayer options. Classic is free and includes creative (only the building aspects of the game with unlimited blocks) and survival (containing monsters and a much greater variety of blocks and items available, as well as requiring players to mine their own blocks) modes, while Alpha only features survival mode, albeit with a large number of features unavailable in Classic. Alpha is currently the latest release of Minecraft. It includes music by Daniel "C418" Rosenfeld For multiplayer games, servers are hosted by individual players or groups; there are no "official" servers." ...yet >:)

there are about
964 servers
1899085 registered users
598771 purchases games (alpha) = 5,688,324.05€ EURO and 8,083,408.05$ USD
Games started in the last 24 hours:
Minecraft Alpha: 309121
Minecraft Classic: 176481

want to buy it :)

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I have this game and an LP of it on my youtube channel. The first few vids are sorta tutorial like and the rest is just fun.
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There are some crazy YouTube vids involving this game. One guy is building a 1:1 scale of the Enterprise (from TNG) based on the fact the cubes are 1m x 1m x 1m.

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One of my kids has an account. I played for a while. The game itself has some potential, but it needs work. Easy mode in itself is still kind of hard to play. Most people that play just want to build some crazy castle and blow up a few mountains. There is no location system or spawn point control. Searching for rare elements can be long and boring. Prob is once you get everything and fight off the monsters there is nothing else to do in the game, it never ends. I dislike that it's an OpenGL game, as this might open the game to wider user base there are some systems that can't use OpenGL and need DirectX. I also dislike Java because saved games become a tricky problem. Does sound like a lot of things I dislike, but the game can be fun for about a week until you break down and hack your inventory.

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My friend has it and I have played it a few times but I never really got into it. My greatest creation was an 8-bit Mario statue :D

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Yer ive got it

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I hear about this all the time, but I never tried it in fear of getting too sucked into it.