Joe Biden Sees No Legal Problem with Taxing Violent Video Games

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I know this only affects Americans and not everyone on this forum is from the States but regardless, what are your thoughts on this potential piece of legislation? Personally, I think stuff like this really harms game developers. Higher costs obviously equates to more people pirating. I just don't get why the devs have to suffer. Not only that, it might also mean less violent games are published, and as a fan of action games, I'm not pleased!

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Despite the fact that multiple studies have shown that video games with violence do not have any pertinent result in increasing or decreasing the violent tendencies of players, they'll tax them. Just like there's a tax on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, and taxes for purchasing some firearm types and accessories. It doesn't change anything in the long run... aside from feeding money into the system.

Of course, this advice is from a guy who told ladies everywhere to skip handguns or rifles, and go out and buy a 12ga shotgun, and "fire rounds into the air." First off, a 12ga is not a comfortable thing to shoot, especially if you are small, and second I'm pretty sure firing slugs or shot into the air in-city is pretty much illegal everywhere.

So just keep that in mind.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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