i need a new mouse

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i want to get a new mouse for gaming wat gaming mouse should i get buget is $99.00

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Well I use the Logitech G500 Laser gaming mouse, on the fly sensitivity, add your own weight and is capable of storing profile setups so if you take your mouse anywhere its just plug-n-play.

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I would suggest visiting a local computer store and testing a few to see which suits your preference. I personally use a G500 as well.

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I would recommend the logitech G9. I've had mine for 3-4 years now and it still works like a charm :)

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I'd recommend trying a few on for size, because shape and size is everything (insert joke!). I still use a Logitech G5, but the G500 is sweet.

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go out and try a few and find one you like i still use a logitech MX 1000 because it is perfect for me (=

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I had the Logitech G7, which was great: wireless, heavy, and had swappable Li-Ion cells (came with two) so it wouldn't just die in the middle of a match. Unfortunately, it went belly up (actually, I wore out the left click button to where it would double- or triple-click).

Logitech discontinued that model, and sent me a MX Revolution which I have been using for a couple years now with no issues. Also wireless, it is heavy, but it does not have swappable batteries, despite the cell lasting for quite a long time this can be an issue because I always forget to charge it, but it charges fully in a couple hours. I do like the sculpted right-hand design because it is very comfortable, considering my reconstructed right wrist which can make some mice or console controllers hell to deal with.

Both mice are laser based, and I see no noticeable lag in the wireless system for gaming.

This really seems to be a Logitech-friendly forum! Check out the reviews on Newegg, you will see quite a few other brandnames that are also very game friendly.

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thank you

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eire1274 wrote:I had the Logitech G7, which was great: wireless, heavy, and had swappable Li-Ion cells (came with two) so it wouldn't just die in the middle of a match. Unfortunately, it went belly up (actually, I wore out the left click button to where it would double- or triple-click)

I would of kept that mouse for gaming if it double clicks you could use for auto fire in FPS games lols.

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I use a Razer Imperator. It's a good mouse but it's pricey unless you can get it for cheaper. I have heard tons of good things about the G500. But it's all up to you.

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Everyone recommends logitech because they have awesome customer service. I'd recommend the original G9 or the new G series mouse that's supposed to replace the MX518. Or just get a MX518.

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Roccat Kone[+] is absolutely amazing.

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Razar naga. best gameing mouse for me


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I know this is a bit of a late response, but I've become partial to the Thermaltake Tt eSports mice and keyboards. Specifically for mice, I've an Azurues and a Black Element, and both are great. There are plenty to choose from, however, and they may not be the best for everybody, and the BE even took a bit for me to get used to. As others have said though, try some out and see what works best for you. Could be a Roccat, CM Storm series, Tt eSports series, Corsair, Razer, Logitech, you never know until you try them out. The tough part is finding a way to actually do that, as not many places give you a good amount of options. Some stores just allow you to feel the physical mouse only and not actually use it, which is important too.

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I've only used two mice for gaming and that was the SteelSeries Sensei or the Razer DeathAdder both great mice for the price of under 100 dollars. Reviews aren't bad on 'em as well - you should check them out.

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im using the logitech G700 I picked it up for 70 on sale it was well worth it.

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I suggest getting something from Mionix they have been cming out with some Great feeling peripherals and it really is worth looking into, besides they look Saaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeet.

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Logitech G9x or G500. G500 is just the upgrade year after yea of the same mouse I have always loved going back to CS 1.6. My favorite mouse and durable as heck

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Logitech g500, works great feels awesome.

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I find steelseries mice the most comfortable out there. They are simple designs and very high quality. Though like everyone said you should find out what fits you the best. Some sites recommend certain mice depending if you have a palm grip or a claw grip on your mouse as well. Logitech would be my second place to look, when I first got into gaming their mice felt great and were inexpensive for excellent quality.

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+1 on the logitech g500. It also only $50 so its nicely under the $99 limit.

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I have a G500 and I dislike it. It weighs too much for me and I find it uncomfortable when I claw grip it but when palming its fine.

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I have a Logitech G500 and I dislike it because its a laser and also the laser placement isn't centered instead its on the top of the mouse. The weight of the mice I don't like and thats without the weight cartridge + weights.

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I'd recommend a Razer Naga. Not too many buttons, comfortable, easy to clean, lights, macros, what more do you need?

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Logitech mice are simply awesome,i also can recommend the CM storm sentinel but the surface degrade really fast (had mine for 4-5 months and i think i will paint it to cover that...) but overall the mice perform very very well (the best that i used for now and i already had a Razer Mamba, a Deathadder, a sidewinder X3 and a X5, a Habu and finaly a microsoft intellimouse) I really love the feeling of the click button, the scrool wheel is fast and precise the macro too (ex: you can set up to 3 button on the mice itself to do another one) DPI swith fast and it's really precise to do some FPS games (it's a twin laser Phillips sensor) Macro are great and respond well for game like WOW and LOL, i also love the weight adjust on that mouse and the fact that the laser is positionned in the center of the mice...

My only negative point on that mice is the surface that degrade fast...

PS: i only paid this mice 49.99$

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razer naga

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Keep in mind that it's not just about features but what feels good to YOU. Best thing to do really is to go to a shop somewhere where you can actually try them out. I still use a Microsoft Intellimouse and have not found anything I like better... and it's just a regular ol' mouse.

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Should I buy the Razer DeathAdder, Roccat Savu or Roccat Kova ?