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Hey i am planning to buy a headset for music & gaming purposes.. i have finally listed two headsts Creative Tactic3d Sigma and Logitech G35.. could you tell me which is the best headset for clarity and surround sound..
Any suggestions are welcomed.. Thank you :)


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Logitech G35 IMO.

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Yep Logitech G35, I have one, Love it !

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I have the g930 which is the wireless version of the g35. Absolutely love it everything about it. The headset seems to peak volumewise earlier than I'd like BUT that's because Logitech is sensible and knows better than to let me blow my ears off. :D

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Go for the G35! :)

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Seeing as how this thread is what I was going to ask, I will ask my question as well. I currently have 6.1 surround sound speakers but they are 7 years old and the back center and back right speakers are blown out. Lifestyle changes are also forcing me to need to be less noisy to my neighbors and other people in the house/apartment.
I've narrowed my choices down to 3 headsets, though I am open to a different suggestion if anyone has one:
Logitech g35
Corsair Vengeance 1500
Turtle Beach z6a

The absolute most important thing is this has to be a working 5.1 or better gaming surround sound headset. First and foremost I like my games scary/immersive/I want to hear what's behind me. I want to have gunfire pinging on the road sign to my rear left or shuffling zombie steps behind me and have a sudden urge to swing around and get the bad guy behind me. Some headsets have built in speaker (physical) drivers whereas others use software in Stereo to emulate positional audio. The g35 and Turtle beach headsets use the former and Corsair uses the latter. I am torn as to which is better-- I just want it to work for gaming and be compatible. Sound quality and range is important, but I am not one of those extreme audiophiles who complain they can't hear the subtle noises in the super high and super low ranges. Music and movie playback is not as big to me as gaming. Seeing as how wireless surround sound speakers tend to have a hissing or popping noise, I would rather have wired rather than wireless-- cords don't bother me as long as they are long enough. Also I have a budget of around 130 dollars or less.
Man if someone has experience in this I would really appreciate some feedback on where to go with this.

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G35 should be excellent, but also consider the SteelSeries 7h: http://steelseries.com/products/audio/steelseries-7h-usb

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Man I was just about to settle on the g35s and then I saw the Cooler Master Storm Sirus 5.1. The fact that the CM has dual hookups for USB and analog for a dedicated sound card is a definite plus for me. I may have to jump ship, but I need to do some more research I guess.

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Wookiestick I should tell you before you get the G35, there is a bug with Dead Island that causes a static like sound, and its off and on and as far as I know there is no real fix and if you play lots of Dead Island I would go with coolermaster.

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SteelSeries and maybe TurtleBeach

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Steelseries makes wonderful products. I have never had a G35 or know anyone who has one. But I have a few friends who use a Steelseries (the name of the model escapes me right now) and they have had it for a year or two.

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I like the G35 but if you want better sound quality, an ATH A700 with a clip-on mic is really the way to go.

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I just picked up the Corsair Vengeance 1500 headset a few weeks ago, and the hardware/software is absolutely top-notch.

As dacrazydude says, though, if you want 100% sound fidelity (esp for music and movies on top of gaming) Audio-Technica makes some *really* nice headphones, and just use a clip-on mic.

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I'm also in the market for a new headset but I'm hoping to get something wireless. In the past I've had too many problems to count with bluetooth and RF alike. It's been a couple of years though so I am hopeful that there are some improved products out there now.

If anyone happens to own a good wireless gaming headset for PC I'd be extremely grateful to have a point in the right direction. I'm interested in the Spectrum 7XB a bit. Although I know if it doesn't work very well I will have a battle on my hands.

Some small info. I've tried my PS3 wireless bluetooth headset but it was a nightmare trying to establish a connection. Once made the quality was horrendous. Ideally I want to sit or lay back up to 10-15 feet away is all.

Cheers for reading this and any helpful leads that may come.

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Creative Tactic 3D Sigma, Corsair HS1 or Corsair Vengeance 1500

G35 is overpriced and tbh not that great at all

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I have the G35. It's a great headset, not sure about price though. I've seen them as low as $80, which is not bad for the headset. The only complaint I have on the G35 is when you wear your headset for too long, the area around your ears become sore. Maybe because I have big ears and a big head...so that probably doesn't help much...lol Personally, I prefer the cushiony headphones like the Psyko Audio's, but I can't afford those. Since mine was a gift, it's the G35 for me until it breaks down. =)