EEEK! Razer Lachesis? My take on it.

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I recently bought a razer lachesis from the local retailer store and so far from how I'm using the mouse , it's horrible. I have medium sized hands , but the mouse grip is a bit too much for me.       I can't grip onto the front panels of the mouse to it's extent. I can't even rest the heel of my palm on the table , which is an aspect I really need for comfortable gaming.

Onto the specs it self. The specs are quite remarkable and outstanding. I can't seem to find anything negative to point out from my week's worth of usage. One thing I dislike about the mouse itself is the right side of the mouse's two buttons. During a game match , I accidentally press one of the two buttons and immediantly , my mouse just freezes and switches from profile 1-5.

 I just want to hear the rest of the forum's opinions on this particular mouse , is it satisfying or pitiful? I'm planning to stick with the Lachesis for another week to double check if it's just the mouse's grip style that I have'nt got used to or if the mouse really has it's own cons.

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I tried out the Lachesis at a friends house and while it is nice, I think it is a bit too big and the extra features are not worth the price. I recently purchased a DeathAdder which is a bit smaller and has the profile switch button on the bottom of the mouse. I think it is a better mouse for almost half the price. The "Respawn" version has an upgraded 3.5G DPI sensor and a nice non-tangle cord. Also, Razer just released a left-handed version of this mouse which is great for those of you who like to grip the mouse with you left hand. 

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Never tried the Lachesis, but i am quite happy with my Logitech MX 518. My hands are medium sized, and all the buttons are perfectly reachable.

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im using lachesis and im loving it,  coz it fit my medium hand size for claw grip , which is a common grip for medium sized hand especially for FPS gamer, although its already 2 year old right now , still working fine although I playing game about 5+ hour a day , but maybe its just the age of my lachesis coz the middle button arent responsive anymore (sometime not clicked) and sometine my cursor jumped to top of screen.