Do you use mods in games?

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Mods seem to breathe new life into some games and I try to use them to enhance the fun.

Something like the Superman mod in just Cause 2 is great.

I recently just started playing Oblivion again and mods really made the game look and play better.

So do you use mods in games and if so what are some of your favorite?

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I did the work for you, just edit your post and copy/paste this on your OP please. :)

On topic, yes I do use mods. I use them mostly in Unreal Tournament 2004/3 and Dragon Age. Ever seen Barney go on a killing spree on a moon base before?

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Some of the Halo mods are quite fun, I tried making my own once with a program that I have forgotten the name of but I do remember there was a rapid fire sniper that was extremely fun xD.
Oh and a shotgun that fired rockets.

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Lol what question is that :I and this looks like addons not mods but whatever i play many mods and addons. Go to and on that site there is maybe 1/16 of mods u can find if u want to look for it.

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I only use mods that enhance the gameplay.

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I use mods to enhance the gameplay, for Arma 2 I use several mods to make the game better.

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I love DayZ mod for Arma II: Combined Operations, and I think the rest of the Steam gaming commmunity would agree. It sat in the number one spot of Top Sellers in Steam long before the summer sale. Now why would a two year old game being selling so well? Could it be coincidence that one of the fastest growing mods was created and attracting users to this generally unknown title? I don't think so!

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Same, I love the Arma 2 mods.

I love the mods for Skyrim (through the Steam Workshop, which is an amazing idea) even better. You haven't really played Skyrim until you've killed a dragon by jumping a 1968 Mustang over a mountain and hitting it head on.

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I rarely use mods/ addons/ cheats in my pc games. But when I do I make sure to finsh the entire game before I change it. That way I get both experiences. I am not too keen on buying anymore pc games because of the DRM and new anti-piracy systems set up by the game companies. I hate to have to be connected to the internet just to play multiplayer games. Whil My computer is always connected to the internet if at any time my net gives trouble but I have access to my everyday use of the pc and I want to play a game that has the DRM (Anti-Piracy software) I cannot play.

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I like using mods to change up things

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I like addon mods such as ones for minecraft and garrys mod etc.

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Jasmin ENB mods for skyrim makes my gameplay very nice.

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Jasmin ENB mods for skyrim makes my gameplay very nice.

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Skyrim is unbearable without mods. It has so many bugs and glitches that just screw things up without the unofficial patch. It's almost like Bethesda just gave up on development and expected the mod community to finish the game for them (which they did).

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i like to use the mods for Left4Dead 2 you can put custom survivors im using Touhou skins and i love it and even you can change the enemys as well i saw 1 day on facebook someone changed the witch model with a Hitler one XD

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I never use mods, except back in the day for GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer. That was fun :D

Other than that, just widescreen mods for older games. Nothing in terms of content.

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i use that hd mod in gta
really nice cause i am a graphixs whore

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Don't use it either.

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2nd) on the topic of mods, I do like to go back when I have added hardware and load old games with new graphics. The games from Bethesda are always huge mod generators, and fun to mess with, but games like STALKER and others can really be ramped up well. Lots of fun!


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