Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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I got into the beta about a week ago, part of the first wave of survey keys. So far I've been enjoying the hell out of GO. I've been playing source for 6 years now and couldn't wait to get my hands on the new installment. So far it feels a lot different from source, but in a good way where it feels like its own game and not just a re-skin. The guns have been changing a lot, the accuracy was just changed for all guns and you can feel it for sure. They added GunGame turbo this weekend too which feels very similar to GG in Source

Anyone else out there have the beta or excited for the release in the summer?

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Well CS is great game but i wish they would start making Half-life Ep3 or Half-life 3 wich ever it would be called instead of refining older games. But yeah CS:GO seams great, like any other CS, im just waiting for release, dont have beta.

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I've been a huge fan of Valve and can't wait for GO to be released, especially since there will be cross-platform play with PS3. The creator of CS, Minh Le, is actually developing a new FPS alongside GO. It's called "Tactical Intervention" and it looks very similar to CS, should be interesting.

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I just wish they would get rid of the tracers in CS:GO.

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Just realized I have all the CSes :O only thing I hate is the 5 player team lists -____-.

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I'm with Mende47, I wish they'd work on Half Life 3, I really hope there just working on it in secret and plan to do what they did when Half Life 2 was released, which was take their time and blow every other game new and old out of the water with graphics and story line, when the release it.

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the game is about to come out. I'm pumped to play it

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I have had this game since I got an early closed beta key back in November. It was not up to par in the past, but now that it has been released they added so much more to it. For $15, it's worth the money.

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If someone likes shooting games he should definitely buy it. It's not expensive now. And the game is great .

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i wish CS GO was similar to CS source in weapon model and gameplay

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well i kinda like CSGO more now as a Compet view but for mini games and guns games etc Css is a good call