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I am thinking of getting a first person shooter. I had far cry a long time ago and liked it. I had half-life game of the year and liked it okay. I had the first fear and did not like it as much as far cry crysis I think it was. Should I get call of duty black ops or call of duty modern warfare 3. I don't want a game that requires 4 people teams as the only way to play. If that is an option that would be okay, I guess. I like playing the game by myself - so should I get one of these games or something all together different. I did play online with half-life deathmatch, but found that the fun online play was with a team & I usually just logged in with out a password. I have a blue mountain yeti mic and some old sony headphones. Is it fun to use other programs for communication while playing a game or just the communication provided by the game itself? Reason I ask is what if you could put sentences into a program and save time by just doing like a batch order to speed up communication for self and alerting your team members. For example intel on opposing team member location moves?

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MW3 and BF3 have decent single player modes but I mostly play online multiplayer. MW3 is faster paced than BF3, which I like. I like BF3 for the fact that you can play with 63 other players, which is pretty awesome.

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call of duty 4 and battlefield 3 are the best fps in my opinion, i wouldnt suggest mw3 or black ops and defiately NOT mw2