Budget Gaming Build.

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Hi everyone, I decided to finally register here, because Rodney insists we all come here to get answers.

So, I'm building a budget gaming build, I'm not an intensely heavy gamer, just World of Warcraft really, and Left 4 Dead. I need a CPU, Motherboard and RAM. I have a suitable PSU (Corsair TX650) and I already have a few SSD's.

So, I picked out these components and I need to know if they're going to be good enough for casual gaming. I already have an ATI 4870 512, so I was looking on eBay and I found someone selling an ATI 4870X2 for £40, I'm going to get that card, because my performance is more than playable with this single 4870, so I can't see any reason why I would need to go and pay £100+ for another card, when I could get an older card that was amazing.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4GHz
Gigabyte GA-970A
8GB Corsair XMS3
ATI 4870X2

Is this more than sufficient for casual gaming? Thanks for any help I receive guys.

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yeah i would say it sufficient for casual gaming

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It is, but you will need a beat PSU for that video card. As in a very good quality 800+ watter. Name brand around the $150+ mark at least. That card sucks power like crazy since it's top level dual GPU from a few generations back.

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Yep, make sure you have a good PSU. Otherwise, it is good for "casual gaming".

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pretty good configuration

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It looks like a solid build for casual gaming. Having a few SSDs for gaming is a plus. Your build is definitely open for a video card upgrade in the future.