Battlefield 3 BETA

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I know battlefield 3 beta came out today but its a 3.somin GB download so i want to know what you guys think about it before i download. Is it worth it or is just a waste of downloading time?

Just post your opinions about it under :D.


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I think you should just wait for the game.. All you get to do is one match type : RUSH and there are only 2 maps...

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There's only one map currently playable. Operation Metro.

Bf3 is good, if you're able to play the beta for free...why not? Judge for yourself whether you want to pay for the game, don't take other peoples word for it. I will say, the beta doesn't do BF3 its a rush map and a smaller scale map at that. I briefly got to play on Caspian Border while they were doing limited testing of it and it definitely had that "Wow, this is what I've been waiting for, THIS is battlefield!" feeling to it. Operation metro on the other hand is "meh". Basically like BC2 rush maps but with better graphics and animations.

The limited testing of caspian border gave me much hope that the best is yet to come ;)

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The one map they had was meh. Did not feel like Battlefield. Felt like Bad Company which was good and all but I want a true Battlefield game.

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They added another map "Caspian border" with conquest. The game will rock and kick asses :P I hope they will fix it before release (bugs and such)

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caspian border was unlocked for everyone no password hunting for the last 4 days of beta i think the game is sic i like both maps and gametypes but metro had a APC in the alpha but was removed for balance but they could just stick a few jeeps in that map one each team maybe or stick the APC back in the map but stick some stationary ATs for the defensive side

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