Availability or high-quality graphics?

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Hi everyone.
That's my first thread.
Talking about 3D games, what would you choose browser games availability or desktop games cool graphics?
You know, as for the quality, desktop games have rich graphics,
while browser games (although with quite good graphics), have great availability.
Or all these don't matter if a gameplay is great?


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I don't really play a lot of browser games tbh.

But graphics definately isn't everything. There is tons and tons of great games with awesome gameplay. While 3D games with cool graphics is cool it's not everything.. at least not to me :)

I still find myself returning to play older games like Red Alert 2 or Heroes of might and magic III. Why? Because they are still great games even though their graphics are dated.

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I guess availability doesn't make sense to me, as I get my games online anyway through delivery systems like Steam and others. If it is released, I can have it in minutes.

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