Are more powerful computers better in online gaming?

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I have a basic i7 920 build running a 9800gt and 6gbs DDR3 1600 while using Road Runner High Speed.

When I play modern warfare 2 online I make clear shots for a frag but most of the time I die and in the kill cam none of my shots showup. Could it be my video card is just not fast enough to process the attack?

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no it means your lagging through the net, your ping is bad, usually if you have under 3/4 bars your kills and shots will be delayed greatyl

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its just because mw2 is a really bad game for online pc gaming because it has no dedicatedserver so you will need to look on the internet for modie fing the game a little to se your ping better but in a game like bfbc2 you might feel the diferences between a good pc and an older pc

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Check your pings @ any of the common speedtest websites, like

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