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I was thinking of buying the alienware aurora,can any one tell me if its worth the money.

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If you have the money and want to blow it on the Aurora, then by all means, go ahead.

But I seriously recommend that you save yourself quite a heap of cash and head for possibly a Toshiba, Lenovo, or possibly an HP. It will cost you around half the price of the Aurora, and is well worth the money in the long run.

The performance is outstanding on some of these computers, and are just as good as most Alienware computers. Alienware is overpriced for their themes.

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Build the computer yourself. You'll get more bang for your buck. If you are unsure about doing it, then hire someone else to put it together. You'll still end up less in most cases and have an overall better system.

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alienware is not worth the money, period.


they're absolute top of the line gaming pc's are overpriced by almost 500%, its highway robbery to less tech savy people.



do yourself a big favor and buy the parts and asemble it yourself, i promis you its like putting togeather lego's, all you have to do is read the instructions and maybe watch a youtube video or two.

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i agree, no alienware.  building a pc is so easy, just watch a few videos on correctly setting up the heatsink on your cpu, and maybe one on setting up water cooling, other than that its all plug and play, hide some wires and you are done.

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Fnawesome wrote:

i agree, no alienware.  building a pc is so easy, just watch a few videos on correctly setting up the heatsink on your cpu, and maybe one on setting up water cooling, other than that its all plug and play, hide some wires and you are done.

If building a PC was easy I would not be up to my eyeballs in posts asking for help or family members wanting me to build one for them. There is a skill level needed and with a little help a solid computer can be made for the price as a pre-build. There are some people however that should get a pre-build because they can get a warranty. Alienware was better before Dell bought them out.

Before buying Alienware or Dell try

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I would also recommend CyberpowerPC if you are really set on a pre-built system. My first computer was from them back in 2005 and I have heard that they have improved since then. It does take time to learn about building your own computer and lots of trial and error.

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i had an alienware aurora back in may, had it for about a week, i got about 4-5 bsod errors, everytime i started my computer would crash, called up tech support because i wanted to return it and got hung up on about 6-7 times, wouldnt refund my purchase completely and made me pay a 15% re-stocking fee, they sound good when you hear about them but trust me talking to a guy in india for 3 hours explaining why i want to return it just to be hung up on, trust me when i say that alienware suck huge balls, do yourself a favor and build.

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Build, I don't understand why Alienware is so popular... maybe because noob non hardcore computer geeks see them with a special case with lights and such and they think its absolutely top of the line... well its not and its probably most of the time over five hundred dollars more expensive then it should be. In the end build your PC or pay someone to do it for you.

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Alienware is a lot of eye candy, I just looked at the case and it reminds me of the old IBM style cases from yester-year. I'd be curious to dysmantle one and see what's so amazing about their custom mods, but that's about it. It looks like a very custom build case.

Maybe a laptop would be better from Alienware.

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build your own is always the best way to go. that way you know if its reliable, you know everything about it, and you know exactly how to troubleshoot it if anything goes wrong.

its also good for raising your experience level

if you buy alienware you might as well just be a software evaluator

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You can buy an Alienware Aurora from Amazon if youre really interested. And Amazon doesnt bs around...if you wanna return it they give no run around. My cousin bought a mx17 laptop from them. Works like its supposed to and hes considering buying the aurora model off their site. I just wonder exactly how they get a hold of these alienware pc's. The description says they are new and factory sealed...perhaps earlier models that never got bought. But anyways...there it is.