2D game with DirectX 9+ and Pixel Shader 3.0+

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I know this subject of "2D gaming" will surprise everyone out there, but I've been "brainstorming" for a while now and I thought I might ask. Wouldn't be possible to add Pixel Shader-based effects to a 2D game? I've been thinking about this because I'm thinking about making my own Eastern RPG game (I grew up playing Eastern RPG games such as Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy, etc. and when it comes to Western RPG, I played Neverwinter Nights for a start, but I didn't like the game and Western RPG as a whole).

So, what I'm thinking of goes like this: Picture yourself having a camera and a 16:9 screen. So a camera captures a resolution of 1920x1080 and in a screen projects a 2D, tile-based image (each tile having a resolution of 128x128 with 15 tiles across and 8.4375 tiles down, as an example). Okay, so what about some effects when it comes to fighting?

Well, have you ever seen Frog producing a bubble effect to attack an enemy? This is in Chrono Trigger and it's in 4:53 in this video:

So what I'm thinking of doing is model a bubble in Blender and have some kind of a "refraction" effect when you look in the side of a glass of water. This is tricky, as I know that newer graphics cards do not have a fixed function pipeline and I've done some programming in HLSL to create such a lighting effect in a waving tile-based terrain (by plotting indexed vertices and drawing polygons).

In Final Fantasy VI, when you get in Setzer's Falcon (a ship) or a Chocobo, you get the effect of 3D, except that the ground becomes heavily pixelated. But what's cool is that when I make my own 2D game, I could have meteorites (modeled in 3D using Blender) falling down from a sky (well, it's like Final Fantasy V but the Super Nintendo is not that advanced).

I don't have any plans to create a 2D Eastern RPG game, but maybe something small. I haven't seen any PC-based Eastern RPG games, but it'd be nice once I develop a game for the PC instead of a console.

Of course, I know this thread is not a good fit in the 3DGameMan forum, BUT I don't know if there are any recent 2D games that could take advantage of Pixel Shader 3.0/DirectX 9.0c.

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Where do i sign up for the Beta test? :P

To be honest, im not exactly sure what you are talking about. You are obviously more advanced then i am :P Do you mean like Borderlands? Its 2d per-say... but its 3d too?

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