Well, sorry I've been absent since my return... again...

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Long story, short post:

I was fired from OfficeMax.  Yes, I made a mistake, no, I don't feel like I deserved to be fired for it, but let's just say that six other people have been fired from the store since then, so I think the new store manager just didn't like the staff.

Money has been tight, as my wife was also laid off from her job in February..  We still have the house, though water and electric were interrupted, which brought in CPS (oh, joy!), and my children are still living at their grandparents despite the fact that all utilities are back on... but CPS must "inspect" the house so we are making it perfect.

Anyway, wife is at the Red Cross as a tele-operator sup, I'm (as of last week) a manager for a local McDonald's franchise, and we are finally looking good.  No strokes, heart explosions, or other injuries (aside from her spraining her ankle earlier today due to walking on the side of her foot [?]).

Oh, my only internet connection is my cell phone and PDAnet via USB.  But at least I can sign on and say hi!

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All you can do is take it one step at a time. Good to hear the lights are back on, these days that's a lot. :)

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Nice to see you again!  Keep your eyes on the prize.

Good luck!

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Happy to see you back. We all know what trouble feels like and I certainly do relate to your situation. Glad to see that things are looking up.

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Good to hear you're recovering. Let's hope that CPS issue clears up soon and you guys can continue to live normally. The recession is slowly clearing up, which should statistically give you very nice opportunities.

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The kids are back home.  CPS released us last week and closed the investigation.  It's amazing what you can do with a little water and some electricity, huh?

McDonalds is starting to look like a career.  I need a career.  They are already looking at me for moving up beyond shift manager and training for store management.  Its not IT, so there goes lots of training, but even a recession can't kill the Big Mac!

Still no internet per se, except via cell connection.  No cable.  Kids are all pretty bummed that all that we watch is PBS, but, well, at least we are a family again!

I will stop in periodically, but there isn't much schedule yet, so bear with me!

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Glad your still hovering over here. I'm slowly crawling back to the forums - a lot has change though...