A TV show that takes up another show's time slot

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Have you ever watched a show that you intend to watch but the previous show is not finished yet (in other words, a previous show that takes up current show's time slot)? What I mean by this, is that I've set my DVR (MythTV, for example) to record Star Trek: The Next Generation. The previous show is Jimmy Kimmel Live, which starts around 12:06 AM, but I have no interest in that except for the music at the end (a concert, perhaps, which I seem to have interest in that, but didn't want to record it).

One time last midnight, I have a recorded TV show that shows Jimmy Kimmel Live that does not end until about 1:36 AM, so Star Trek: The Next Generation does not start until 1:36 AM. Thus, because MythTV relies on guide data from SchedulesDirect, it starts recording by 1:06 and ends by 2:06.

I kind of wished the previous show could end by 1:06 so that I can watch the recorded TV show, but oh well. I could probably watch the rest of the show in YouTube.

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