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Hi. When the first time I went to this MythPVR website for migrating the MythTV database, I get a message from (no, don't click in it or visit the website). "Your computer is at risk for malware attacks." Heh heh heh heh... I'm under Ubuntu Linux 10.04 -- do you think I'm stupid enough to become an unsuspecting victim? ;) (Sorry, I didn't mean to say that.) I also get that message in Google Chrome under Windows Vista, too, but I closed it off and restarted it.

The bottom line is that website ( containing some kind of antivirus is fake. If you're a MythTV user and you visit, watch out for the error message. I tried to get the error message to show up but it won't let me see it again.

I hope I can be of help to anyone.

PS: I'm running Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 with Google Chrome.

EDIT: I think it's

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Had the same thing happen both on my phone and Nokia N800, specifying a WIN32 trojan.  Phone is using Android (Linux based), N800 uses Maemo Linux.

Yes, be careful, many of these "I'm going to help you" can infect Windows and in many cases Apple machines (using IE, most especially), creating a background hack and tons of pop-ups directing you to buy an AV program to remove their own crapware!  It is removable, but it's a pain.

Updated Norton, Kaspersky, and many other AV systems will block this message.  We unlucky Linux browsers see 'em because there is no AV layer to stop the display!

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Mlware attacks aginst linux based systems are becoming more prevalent.  There are some apps for linux which will help.  I just can't remember what they are, but I know they exist.

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