Site should be SUPER FAST now

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Over the last month or so the site has been a little slow, it was due to a hardware issue on the host side, but it's been resolved.

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Running super smooth now

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nice very fast now (=

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Yea, BIG difference in speed and since it's fast it somehow makes it easier to post and encouraging in a way.

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I just noticed that URL resolution is instant now. Major difference. Did they have a switch blasting out a socket port or what?

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Eire, it was a switch somewhere down the line between us and the outside world. I wasn't given details but basically every connection was waiting to fail over to a redundant port instead of instantly falling over. So basically the bad 'half' wasn't letting go of the connection as fast as one would expect. So that port was recognized as bad, then the controller handing it off to the backup ports were then found to be defective, thus replacing the unit and solving all the slowness woes.

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Yeah, I was about to say.. holy cow the site loaded fast!

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very nice! i like!