Simple Carrier-Unbranded GSM Feature Phones

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I want to get a feature phone for grandma with a following scenario:

  • She does not care about Internet. She does not care about e-mail as she does not bother with that. Internet functionality will just be way too complicated for her.
  • A phone has to be simple with physical dial pad. She only makes and receive phone calls.
  • She may probably prefer a flip phone.
  • I thought about getting Motorola RAZR V3 in Amazon for grandma, but she does not care for how it looks.
  • No touch screen at all. I don't think she likes touching a screen to dial a number.
  • No QWERTY keyboard. She does not text.

It's crazy to learn that smartphones are replacing feature phones, which so many smartphones have touchscreens these days.

Does anyone know of good ones?

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Check out the Samsung Jitterbug.,2817,2406487,00.asp

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The Jitterbug would be my recommendation, as well. Good quality and very simple operation. However it doesn't seem to be available as an unlocked GSM device in the US right now, at least on Amazon and other sources I use.

Check out the Snapfon EzTwo also. It is a bar type phone with simple operation, and a panic "SOS" button for calling emergency services.

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