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Hey Rodney, Let me just say that you and your videos have helped me gain great knowledge in my previous work in computer basics,repairs and purchasing. I would like to take this time to thank you greatly for all your help,hard work and dedication towards your site, channel and towards all your fans, it is greatly appreciated by myself and assuming your fans/members, I hope you keep  your good work going, and again Thank You!!!

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I agree. Rodney does a great job. I have a genuine Aggie (Texas A&M University) computer education and I still find myself learning new things from watching Rodney's vids. Its a real shame that the youtube mouth breathers wont leave him be. I dont blame Rodney for not allowing comments. With as many viewers as he has it must be like herding cats. There are some really sad individuals out there on youtube who just wait for any chance to piss on someones video.

As a youtuber myself, I know what its like. I would love nothing more than to meet some of those trolls in real life so that I can shake them really hard while screaming "YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH!" in their faces.